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Green River Whiskey Tokens (1936)
Green River Whiskey Tokey, 1936

Oldetyme Distillers, Inc. of New York City initially distributed Green River Whiskey tokens in the mid-30's. The tokens were used as a form of cheap advertised in magazines for magicians, and thus are called "Magic Tokens," and others were probably used as "point of sales" items in liquor stores.

There are perhaps as many as twenty different die varieties of the specimens known to exist. That is, there are several artistic changes on the pieces, although the basic images and brand logos are essentially alike. It is difficult to identify the differences with language alone, and pictures are necessary to show the differences. Some of the token varieties are a little more available than others. They all are worth something, but -- in the main -- are not worth a whole lot.

I'll do what I can with the identification process: First of all, the tokens are all made of the same metal composition - brass. The size of all the varieties is the same. Some varieties have a tree to the left of the man and horse, and there are different trees. (It is hard at this point to describe the trees). Then, others do not have a tree to the left of the man and horse. Some of the pieces have the product stated in the singular, and some in the plural. That is, some say "Green River Whiskey", and some say "Green River Whiskies." The differences go on and on.